What We Do

We are leaders in air conditioning solutions. We supply quality products from all the leading brands and in-house design solutions to repair, replace, sterilise, purify and ventilate residential and commercial air conditioning systems. 

Our in-house specialist metalwork team is able to manufacture off the shelf and custom ductwork components to finish any residential or commercial project.


Why Choose Us

Our dedication to the HVAC industry has established long standing relationships with most of Australia’s leading brands so we can provide air conditioning solutions to suit all budgets. 

Our commitment to indoor air quality has developed effective sterilising, purifying and ventilation solutions, to provide healthier indoor air for most air conditioning systems. 

Our honesty and values has forged valuable business relationships with installers and tradesmen because we believe in their business growth – not in our bottom line. 


Our Solutions

“Our customers don’t just come back & our suppliers don’t simply recommend us,
they’ll insist you do business with us”

Trade Air Australia – committed to healthier indoor air quality since 2004

Supply partners of Trade Air Australia

Trade Air Australia is proud to stand by ActronAir Products

ActronAir is a proudly Australian company recognised for making world-class air conditioners in Australia since 1984 and has been a primary partner with Trade Air Australia since our conception in 2004. ​

ActronAir’s engineers have developed the most advanced air conditioning systems specially designed for the unique Australian climate to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Confident in the performance of their units, ActronAir has engaged independent energy logging companies to monitor the performance in the real world so we truly understand the energy savings ActronAir systems could provide.

ActronAir’s award winning product range offers a solution for every lifestyle. 

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